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DIY Wood Plank Wall | Muro Decorativo – Chalk Paint®

Ever since my husband I moved into our home we’ve been on a mission to make every space our own. We started in the dining room, moved into the living room; remodel our bathroom, and has now started tackling the master bedroom. For this space, we needed something big, something with a lot of character. After pondering my options I knew I needed an accent wall. Our home is being transformed with an industrial farmhouse vibe, so a wood plank wall would fit perfectly.

I’ve had a project like this in mind for some time, then a year, but I’ve just never found the time to really sit down and design what I’ve been wanting. I love making my husband work on the house, I’m the artist (architect) he’s the builder. My husband and I live in suburbia, in a cookie cutter house, and we’ve been updating it little by little over the last couple of years. It’s not done but it’s making some great progress. Check these projects, if you haven’t done it already.

The first thing we tackled in this room was the paint. I didn’t like the color on the walls or ceiling so we painted everything. The ceiling was painted a flat white and the walls were painted, Mindful Grey. Once the room was painted, we trimmed the windows giving the entire room a lot of great character.

Once the room was painted we moved on to building the accent wall. This wood plank wall was built by hand, using off the shelf tools and materials. While this process is time-consuming it wasn’t that hard. As you will see in the video, we used, new, unthreaded, cedar boards, which were purchased at our local hardware store. Initially, I wanted to break down pallets and use the pieces for the wood planks, however, since this is going in our bedroom I chose to go with new, untreated, wood. While new wood by itself would’ve looked great I was designing this wall to have a weathered look and because I wasn’t going to use actually weathered wood pieces I did what any savvy DIY’er would do, I used Chalk Paint® and gave the boards their signature look. I’ve used Chalk Paint® on several projects and love working with it. For this project, I collaborated with my friends at Chalk Paint® and I couldn’t be happier!

Here I’m going to mention a couple things I didn’t add in the video save it being far too long.

I thought we were going to finish the work really quick but after purchasing the wood we noticed it was wet. While wet wood is generally pretty normal, we had to dry the planks in our garage for about a week.

Before running headlong into painting the finished pieces with Chalk Paint®, I used 4 small pieces of wood and play with the colors. I’m going for a weathered wood look and was able to achieve this using Chalk Paint® in Old White, Graphite and Coco. I also used a little Dark Wax. I’ve attached diagrams to the video which I feel will make it easy for you to understand the painting process however, you don’t need to follow them you can simply experiment with the paint to get the color you want; have fun with the painting process.

The wood plank wall was laid out using a pseudo brick pattern with a specific color pattern. I arranged the boards to my liking and made sure the pattern was easy to follow. If I hadn’t created the layout my husband would have just put them up in any random order he saw fit (he’s the builder).

I wish, we‘d moved one of the electrical receptacles before we put all of the planks on the wall. One of our outlets is a little far away from the bed and I would have liked it to be just a little bit closer. This was overlooked when we were placing the planks on the wall and there was no way we’re going to redo things just for this so, “C’est la vie”.

While I love our custom built wall, there are easier ways to do this. One of the major reasons we went full custom was we didn’t want to spend a couple thousand dollars on this wall. Some of the pre-made materials are expensive and that was simply not in the budget. Yes, going custom is time-consuming but it cost’s a fraction of the pre-made cost. Our master bedroom looks like a million bucks but it didn’t cost that much to make it 😉

Stay tuned for the Master Bedroom Reveal coming soon.

I hope you like this video and if you have any questions let me know. If you make this project don’t forget to share a picture with me on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram.


Tenia este proyecto en mente por mucho tiempo, pero estuve postergándolo. Me encanta hacer proyectos en casa para hacerla lucir diferente. Mi esposo y yo vivimos en los suburbios en una casa que aquí en Estados Unidos llaman cookie cutter, pero yo y mi esposo la hemos ido cambiándola para hacerla lucir como un hogar. Revisa estos proyectos que ya hicimos en la casa en caso que aun no los hayas hecho.

Ya era hora de que trabajáramos en nuestra habitación principal, a mi no me gustaba el color que tenía antes, lo primero que hicimos fue pintar el techo y las paredes, también enmarcamos todas la ventanas y finalmente colocamos el muro decorativo.

Como verás en el video, usamos tablas de cedro nuevas y sin tratar que compramos en ferretería local. Al principio pensé que un buen material serian paletas, tenia en mente comprarlas o manejar por las zonas industriales de mi ciudad y recogerlas unas cuantas. Pero ya que este proyecto va en nuestra habitación, prefiero usar madera nueva y darle un aspecto desgastado usando Chalk Paint®. He usado Chalk Paint® en varios proyectos y sabía que iba a ser perfecta para este proyecto. Me contacte con mis amigos de Chalk Paint® y aceptaron colaborar conmigo nuevamente en uno de mis proyectos.

Aquí voy a mencionar un par de cosas que no agregué en el video para evitar hacerlo demasiado largo.

Yo pensé que íbamos a terminar el trabajo muy rápido, pero después de comprar la madera notamos que todavía estaba húmeda, así que dejamos que se seque en nuestro garaje durante una semana.

Antes de pintar el total de tablas con Chalk Paint® para darle el aspecto de madera desgastada utilicé 4 piezas pequeñas de madera y experimente con la pintura. Sé que los colores perfectos para obtener un aspecto de madera desgastada es Chalk Paint® en Old White, Graphite y Coco y también me gusta usar el Dark Wax. Coloque algunos diagramas al video para que se les haga mas fácil como fue el proceso de pintado, sin embargo, no necesita seguirlos, simplemente puede experimentar con la pintura y divertirte.

Quería que el muro decorativo tengas un trama de ladrillo y que los colores de las tablas estuvieran colocados de cierta forma, para asegurarme que mi esposo los pondría de esta manera arme el muro en el piso.

Una cosa que ojalá hubiéramos hecho diferente, pero no pensamos en ello hasta que terminamos de colocar las tablas, fue mover uno de los enchufes eléctricos. Hay un par de formas más sencillas de hacer un muero decorativo pero a su ves mucho mas costosas. Uno de los presupuestos que tuve usando un material ya listo para colocar era como $ 1.5k por cubrir el área de nuestra pared. Yo preferí la opción de cedro y Chalk Paint® cuyo costo fue una fracción del otro precio. Estamos muy felices con el resultado final. Nuestro dormitorio principal se ve espectacular. Estén atentos al revelación del cuarto principal, muy pronto.

Espero que te guste este video y si tienes alguna pregunta házmelo saber. Si haces este proyecto, no olvides compartir una foto conmigo en mi página de Facebook o etiquetarme en Instagram.


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