Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry Cauliflower

I’ve always liked Thai culture as well as their food. I like it so much that my husband and I went to Thailand last December. A lot of friends ask me why did chose to go to Thailand and my answers was always because I love Thai Food.

We were in Thailand for two weeks and we visited Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. I fell in love with Thailand; it’s such an amazing place. Even though we were in Bangkok at the time of the protest, and our hotel was just 3 blogs away from were people protesting we never felt any hostility against tourists. We enjoyed our time in Thailand and I hope one day to go back.


If you visit Thailand here’s small lists of things to do.
• Visit Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of Emerald Buddha) Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) Wat Arun. These are mine must have temples to visit. There are tons of beautiful temples but there’ll be a time where all start looks the same.
• Eat, eat and eat more.
• Take a bike tour of Bangkok. It is a great experience riding a bike around Bangkok.
• Take a cooking class. We took one in Chiang Mai and I 100% recommend the Red Chili Cooking School.
• If you are a good motorcyclist rent one. We rented a scooter for $5 a day and it was awesome.
• The beaches in Phuket are amazing, go sit relax and enjoy. Also don’t forget to take a tour to Phi Phi Islands.
• In Chiang Mai, visit the elephant park resort, we couldn’t make it because they require a reservation made several days before your visit. This is one of the only places in Chiang Mai that treat the elephants as they should be treated (No riding elephants).

phi phi islands
While Thai people are so nice, here’s a small list of things that you should be aware of.
• When you get to Bangkok airport always get a taxi with a meter, if they say the meter is not working or it’s some “unmetered” holiday, like Buddha day, just get out of the taxi and take another.
• Don’t believe when the tuk tuk drivers tell you the temples are close, they want you to take around to shop so they make commissions.
• Don’t buy jewelry even if they say the offer is just today and you are so lucky that getting such a great price for Budda’s day.
• There are a lot of people selling costume made suits, and they seem to be good but make sure to negotiate the price.
• Always bargain since they have an especial price for tourists.
• Take a tuk tuk maybe one time just for the experience, but they are usually for silly tourist that don’t mind over paying, it is better walk or take a taxi.

Trader Joes Thai

After having tasted the amazing cuisine in Thailand my husband and I yearned for that same authentic flavor while back in the States. I knew that it would be hard to get the ingredients required to make authentic tasting Thai food in Texas but I’ve never stopped trying. One day I discovered Trader Joe’s Red Thai Sauce and it is amazing. This is the closest Red Curry sauce that I found which tastes similar to the ones I had in Thailand.

Thai Red Curry Cauliflower

• 1 bottles of Trader Joe’s Red Curry
• 1 head of cauliflower
• ½ chicken breast chopped (optional)
• ½ onion chopped
• 1 cup of chopped carrots
• ½ cup of chopped basil
• Salt, pepper, oil and chili flakes

• 1 botella de Trader Joe’s Red Curry
• 1 cabeza de coliflor
• ½ pechuga de pollo cortada en tiras (opcional)
• ½ cebolla picada
• 1 taza de zanahoria picada
• ½ taza de albaca picada
• sal, pimienta, aceite y chili flakes


This is a super easy recipe; you can modify the quantity of the ingredients depending on your preference.

Esta es una receta muy fácil, pueden modificar las cantidades desacuerdo a sus preferencias.

Cut the cauliflower into small pieces and steamed them, about 12min.
Heat 2 tablespoon of oil in a medium skillet at medium-high heat, add onions and cooked them until translucent.

Cocinen el coliflor al vapor por alrededor de 12 min
En una sartén onda coloquen un poco de aceite y frían la cebolla hasta que este translúcida


Add the chicken and cook for about two minutes.
Then add the carrots and let them cook for about 4 min.

Agreguen el pollo en tiras y cocínenlo por alrededor de 2 min
Agreden la zanahoria y sigan cocinando hasta que el pollo este cocido como otros 4 min.


Add the steamed cauliflower to the mix and pour the red curry sauce into the pan.
Finally, remove the pan from the heat and top with a little the basil and some chili flakes.Served with rice. Enjoy ☺

Agreguen el coliflor y la salsa de curry y déjenlo cocinando por otros 4 min
Apaguen la cocina y agreguen la albaca picada. Acompañarlo con arroz.


Thai Red Curry Cauliflower

Thai Red Curry Cauliflower